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7 Questions with Jeremy McCulla

Jeremy McCulla is the manager for Clarke, New England’s Official Sub-Zero & Wolf Showroom and Test Kitchen at 7 Tide.

1. Tell us about your role at 7 Tide. 

I head a team of incredibly smart, savvy showroom consultants who treat visitors to an extraordinary learning experience about our top tier brands through tours of full-scale kitchens designed by some of the regions most talented designers. 


2. Who typically comes through the door at 7 Tide?

Architects, interior designers and kitchen designers come in either alone to do research or to bring their clients in so they can see how certain appliances can integrate into their project. Builders and developers visit to see what is new with Sub-Zero and Wolf. Homeowners often come just to browse and get ideas when they are starting to think about a new kitchen. Many homeowners make an appointment because they would like one of us to discuss their project and their options in detail. We’ve also had celebrities like chef Lidia Bastianich here to cook for events. Rachael Ray was here to promote her show going back on air in Boston. And we’ve even had college professors bring design classes through to discuss the kinds of resources the students would have as professionals. It’s always someone new, which we love, because Clarke isn’t a traditional showroom; we’re a resource center for people interested in the world’s finest appliances.


3. What is most surprising to homeowners who visit 7 Tide? 

Visitors are really blown away by the level of design and the numbers of different models of Sub-Zero and Wolf they can see in full-scale kitchens. People regularly have aha moments, when they see a particular installation and realize, that’s what I want.


4. What is your favorite Wolf product right now? Sub-Zero?

I love the Wolf Convection Steam Oven. It’s the most versatile appliance available. You just select the cooking mode that combines steam and convection that’s ideal for the food you are making and it comes out perfectly every time. You can bake bread, roast prime rib, even bring leftovers back to life as if you were back in the restaurant. It’s amazing. And with Sub-Zero I love the whole customization of refrigeration. There are so many different options that allow you to combine the exact size and shape of units you want in your home. You can create a visual statement with refrigerators, freezers and wine storage, creating a beautiful and functional kitchen. 


5. What do you like about working in the home design community in New England

 I have really enjoyed meeting so many talented people. They are so creative and smart and keen on helping their clients create spaces that they love. It’s great to be part of that process. 


6. Where do you recommend guests go in the Seaport before or after a visit to 7 Tide?

Meritage at the Boston Harbor Hotel. They have most amazing selection of wine, which coincidentally, they store in Sub-Zero wine storage!


7. Anything else exciting happening at 7 Tide?

So much has happened in the first year for Clarke at 7 Tide. We have won design awards for our showroom in the two top kitchen industry trade magazines. Our president, Sean Clarke, was named an industry innovator because of his work to bring 7 Tide to fruition. He’s just been asked to co-chair Sub-Zero and Wolf’s National Distributor Marketing Advisory Board, which is very exciting. And to top if off, we’ve just completed construction on the second phase of Clarke at 7 Tide, doubling the size of our showroom. Now visitors have more than a dozen new kitchens to explore when they come to see us.