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November 25, 2017
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7 Questions with Lauren Hokenson

Lauren Hokenson has been working at 7 Tide for just over a year. This month she has taken on a new role as the Marvin at 7 Tide Manager. We sat down to discuss her new position and other exciting projects that are underway at the inspiration center at 7 Tide Street.


1. Tell us about your new role at 7 Tide.

I’ll be focused on business strategy and growth—anything from managing on-site operations and building relationships with the community to implementing new ideas. Previously, I was a Brand Ambassador for the space, and my primary responsibilities were providing exceptional client experiences with each visit as well as building Marvin advocacy with our local retailers. I’ll continue meeting with clients and providing tours of our center, but my focus will shift to higher-level growth, development and decision-making for M7T. I’m excited. I see so much potential in this space and the opportunity for evolution over time. I believe we are doing something that’s truly groundbreaking for our industry and that’s something I’m proud to be part of.


2. What do you mean by truly groundbreaking?

Even just the idea of a space to learn about one brand of windows and doors, but not have the ability purchase them or even physically see every product, isn’t anywhere else in the window and door industry. Add on the beautifully designed environment meant to feel like a real home, the proprietary technology to help aid in the decision-making process, and an excellent team to partner with you and provide as much attention and time that you need—it truly becomes an experience you’ll remember and won’t find with other window and door brands.


3. How is Marvin at 7 Tide adapting to the current trends in the building and design industry? 

A great example of how we are staying relevant to current trends is by implementing Marvin’s new Designer Black Interior Finish into our space. The Designer Black finish option was driven by customer demand and the contemporary movement in the industry. When the Designer Black finish option was released over the summer, 7 Tide was one of the first to have it on our Clad Ultimate Bi-Fold Door (also a new product). It has been amazing to see how many people are drawn to that door in our space because the color is so striking.


4. What is something people might not know about 7 Tide?

I’d say one of the most surprising notions to homeowners from the beginning is the fact that we don’t sell products here. We do have some products incorporated into our space because it’s very important for homeowners, architects and designers to be able to physically touch a door or window, but we are not selling products from our center. Instead we’re providing an inspiring, comfortable space for guests to bring their home design ideas to life. Many homeowners are working with an architect or designer who has drafted plans and perhaps even created a 3D model of their home. Nevertheless, it is very difficult to understand what it will actually feel like to be next to the windows and doors that are included in those plans. Because windows and doors are often an investment and not something that can be nonchalantly swapped out later, there can be a lot of unease around making decisions on this element of their project. When someone comes to Marvin at 7 Tide, our technology allows guests to see their windows and doors to scale and our sales-free environment gives them a sense of calm. This combination helps us slow things down to truly understand the client’s needs and ultimately increase their confidence.


5. What would be your ideal view out of a Marvin window?

Definitely a wide beach meeting the ocean beyond—maybe some sand dunes. I grew up close to the coast, so going to the beach and living near water is an important part of life. Even now I live just a few blocks away and am so grateful that I can easily access salty air. The ocean is very calming to me. I love to use my time at the beach to slow down, and read a good book. I’m also a water person—it doesn’t matter how cold it is, I will definitely make it into the water at some point while I’m there.


6. What exciting things do you have coming down the pike at Marvin at 7 Tide?

We recently employed the Design Thinking methodology to learn how we can evolve our onsite technology, and I’m excited about what will be coming out of that. Design Thinking is something I am personally passionate about, and our testing this fall was our first foray into it here at M7T. I can’t reveal all the details on what changes to expect just yet, but stay tuned! Throughout the process, we received great feedback and clear direction from several architects on how our technology can become an even more helpful resource for their design process and their clients.


7. Tell us a little bit about your commute to work. 

My husband and I made the choice to sell our car earlier this year and go car-less. Because I live close by in South Boston, I ride my bike to work just about every day. It’s a quick ride downhill on the way here, so I can zip over in about ten minutes. Riding my bike gives me flexibility in my schedule, and even a bit of exercise in the morning. I love that I get to work so close to where I live! I also enjoy spending time outside; it’s a great way to start my day with fresh air and to be in my neighborhood. You experience your neighborhood and surroundings differently when you’re on a bike or walking, versus in a car or bus, and I love the connection to my community that riding my bike provides.