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7 Questions with Rachael Backstrom

Rachael Backstrom is a brand ambassador for Marvin at 7 Tide. She is a knowledgeable, friendly guide for homeowners and project partners.

1. How long have you been at Marvin at 7 Tide and what was your initial impression of the space?

I’ve been at Marvin at 7 Tide for two months now and my initial impression of the space here in the Seaport was—wow! It’s a really comfortable environment that radiates the brand. On my first tour, I remember thinking that the whole concept and the physical space was so creative and felt so original.

2. You’ve worked in staging too—what do you love about working in home design?

I’ve been in the design world for about five years and it’s my passion. I enjoy the creativity and working with customers. It’s rewarding to be able to help someone fulfill their dreams, and I love being their go-to person.

3. Tell us about the Marvin at 7 Tide experience.

The client experience is very unique; they get a high-tech, high-touch environment where they are able to relax with somebody who is objective to their project. My role is to help clients explore new ideas and in the end, make decisions they feel good about. This is also a space where all parties involved in a project can come together and make important selections in a relaxed environment.

4. What does it mean to have a good design experience?

It means that you feel comfortable but also inspired. To me, clients want to be able to explore the possibilities and also have someone objective guide them through those options. A lot of times people just need that reassurance so that they can feel confident moving forward with the selections they’ve made. At Marvin at 7 Tide, we’re able to do a couple unique things. With our scale app, we can project windows and doors to scale and that’s really helpful for people because it really takes the guesswork out of what their windows and doors will look like when they’re installed.

5. Do you like being in Boston’s Seaport? 

It’s perfect for Marvin at 7 Tide to be here in the Innovation District in the Seaport because we fit right into that mold of creativity and ingenuity. We have the Boston Design Center right next door, which is so nice for us to be close to. The evolution of this area is really incredible too—it’s grown so much. Since we’ve opened, Marvin at 7 Tide has already grown and evolved, too, and we’ll continue to evolve to match our clients’ needs.

6. If you were designing your own dream space, what would come first?

For me, it comes down to the feeling. I think it’s important to ask yourself in the beginning—what kind of feeling are you after? To me that means comfortable but also aesthetically pleasing, so finding that combination would be extremely important to me.

7. When people schedule a meeting with you here at Marvin at 7 Tide—does anything surprise them?

Most people walking through our space are surprised by how comfortable they feel here. They feel welcomed, and we are able to get them to relax. Home projects can be stressful, there are a lot of decisions, there’s a big laundry list of items to be checked off, so the environment here—with our sofas, lounge space, and variety of places to meet—it immediately feels warm and that definitely surprises people the most.