7 Questions with Lee Maida

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7 Questions with Lee Maida

Lee Maida is a showroom consultant in New England’s Official Sub-Zero/Wolf/Cove Showroom and Test Kitchen at 7 Tide. Her primary role is to match customers with products that are right for them. “The attention to detail and the importance placed on how we make the customer feel is unique,” says Maida. “I love watching my customers having fun and enjoying their experience.”

1. When did you start at Clarke?

Timing is everything. I worked as a showroom manager for another kitchen appliance distributor for over 20 years. When the distributorship dissolved, a bug was put in Clarke’s ear that I was looking for another position. Our businesses shared many of the same authorized dealers, so it was a natural transition. When I met everyone here at Clarke, I immediately felt the pride and energy, and I knew it would be a perfect fit for me!

2. What do you enjoy about this industry?

I’ve spent over 25 years in this industry, and I can honestly say that it never gets boring! You are constantly meeting new people, learning about new products and no project is ever the same.    

3. What are some of your favorite Clarke products and why?

Without a doubt, the Convection Steam Oven, Induction cooktop, and any Sub-Zero refrigerator! The versatility of the Steam Oven is amazing—from proofing dough and baking bread to rehydrating your stale bread. You can defrost items, steam hard boil eggs and lobsters, bake cookies, roast a chicken—the list goes on and on. The Induction surface cooking is all about efficiency, precision, responsiveness and ease. It’s the perfect combination for any level of cooking. With Sub-Zero’s dual compressor system, there is no shared air between two compartments so food lasts longer. Say good-bye to freezer burn and crossing of odors. Plus, your berries and leafy greens will last for weeks.

4. What have been some of your most fulfilling experiences while working at Clarke?

When a customer first comes through the door, I get to learn about their lifestyle and then educate them on which products are right for them. Even after they’ve made a purchase, we continue to communicate and I answer any questions or concerns about their new products. What I find the most rewarding is hearing how happy they are with their new appliances and how they are using them to their fullest potential.

5. Do you like to cook at home?

Yes, I do enjoy cooking when I have time, and I think it’s just in my blood. My husband and I have some Italian family traditions that are our favorites, especially the delicious tiramisu recipe my sister-in-law, who lives in Italy, has shared with me. It’s always a holiday favorite.      

6. What do you think is the most important element of a kitchen’s design?

How the kitchen flows for the specific needs of the family using it. Form and function are equally important!

7. If you could travel anywhere for a summer where would you go and why?

Italy—without a doubt. I was very fortunate that when I was growing up, I spent a lot of summers in Italy with my family and I was very immersed in my culture. My parents were very proud of their heritage and wanted us to know and appreciate where they came from. I actually met my husband of 29 years there! Being able to speak Italian and being exposed to many Italian traditions has been a gift.