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7 Questions with Meghan Lembo

Meghan Lembo is the Guest Experience Coordinator at Marvin at 7 Tide. She’s the first face you see when you walk in the door. We sat down with Meghan to ask her a few questions about herself.

1. This is your first job, how’s it going so far?

You are correct! This is my first job out of college, and I love working at 7 Tide. This place wows me everyday with its beauty, design and technology. I couldn’t be more excited to be the newest addition to the Marvin at 7 Tide team. I work with three amazing and inspiring women who push me to be my best self everyday.

2. Tell us about your role at Marvin at 7 Tide.

I am the Marvin at 7 Tide Guest Experience Coordinator. My role is to welcome visitors into the Marvin at 7 Tide space by providing a warm and hospitable first impression. I play a critical role in setting the tone for what all guests can expect and casting the vision for their experience. In addition, I manage pre- and post-visits for guests as well as tours. I also manage any space needs to ensure that each experience is as smooth and memorable as possible.

3. What led you into the design world?

I have always had a passion for decorating and home design since I was young. My mom and I would redo rooms in the house just for fun! She brought me into the design world with her natural design abilities. Also, a result of going to boarding school and college, I was able to have a clean slate to decorate each year. Every summer, I would cast my vision for what I wanted to make my dorm room to look like that year and my mom and I would team up and make that happen. I’ve always just loved decorating and envisioning a design but never thought anything of it. Then my friends began to anticipate my room being shown every school year and they would even ask me for decorating advice, which I would more than happily give. Their expressions and responses made me realize that this is the industry I want to be in, making people’s visions and dreams come to life for their homes.

4. Where are you from originally?

I was born and raised in Southington, Connecticut, but I attended a boarding school called the Gunnery for high school so I was able to experience living away from home at a young age. I attended Connecticut College and earned a degree in economics and sociology.

5. What have you learned about Marvin Windows?

Before I started, I knew very little about Marvin windows! Now I walk around my house telling my parents we need to replace all of our windows and get Marvin windows. They are well made and designed with the customer in mind. I can’t wait to build my own house one day with Marvin windows.

6. Can you tell us more about the Experience Center and how you use technology to support the design process?

When guests walk into the Marvin experience center at 7 Tide, I check them in for session. Then a brand ambassador takes the guests through our space. One of the great benefits about our space is our technology, which allows us to do many things, but one important advantage is our ability to electronically record products and designs that speak to our guests while they are here. If they love a particular window size after seeing it in full scale in the Living Room or a particular window design in the Resource Pavilion, we can save their discoveries for future reference. After they leave, we send an email over to them with everything they saw and wanted to save. It’s a great tool that eliminates the need for our guests to feel like they need to write everything down and allows our guests to share everything they liked with their architect and designer.

7. You’re a hockey player! When did you start to play and what do you love about the sport?

I have been playing ice hockey since I was four years old. It has been such an important part of who I am. Now that my collegiate ice hockey career has ended and this winter will be the first time that I haven’t played hockey in 19 years. Sports were a huge part of my college experience playing field hockey and ice hockey at Connecticut College took up a lot of my time. What I love about both sports is that they challenged me physically, mentally and emotionally. You had to push yourself to your limits physically and face adversity daily. What I love most about the sport is the goal scoring and winning feeling at the end of a game, you can’t help but smile knowing you and your teammates played your best. Sharing these experiences—successes and failures—are some of the fondest memories I have with my teammates and lifelong friends. Athletics have made me the person I am today.