7 Tide Trend Alert: Black is the New White

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May 11, 2017
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May 22, 2017
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7 Tide Trend Alert: Black is the New White

New Englanders have long turned to white painted wood as their go-to finish to frame windows and doors. In James L. Garvin’s book A Building History of Northern New England, he reports that photographic evidence from the 1840s onward shows that white has long been the color of choice for trim surrounding windows and doors on the region’s homes. As a contemporary design aesthetic has more recently gained greater popularity from Connecticut to the coast of Maine, and many homes now straddle traditional and contemporary design by striking a transitional note, the dedication to white paint is waning.


In fact, the trend is quickly moving toward black interior finishes on windows and doors.


According to 7 Tide’s Marvin Experience Center Brand Representative Barbara Bradlee,“Black interior finish is a current spin on a classic look, both contemporary and traditional. Black interiors replicate the feel of a European metal window as well as a painted Colonial sash in a traditional or historic application, just with a modern interpretation.”


Bradlee, who recently won an interior design award of distinction from the Boston Chapter of ASID, continued, “Painting a traditional double hung window black does bring it from the traditional to the transitional, a nod to both styles. And casement windows with horizontal SDL bars in black feel sleek and stream lined.  I believe the black painted interior works well in any of these styles.”


Bradlee was just quoted nationally by Marvin Windows and Doors in their launch (on April 24th) of Designer Black as a new standard interior finish applied by Marvin at the factory in Warroad, Minnesota. This is significant in the design world as white and seven wood stains have long been the standards for the legendary manufacturer who builds all windows and doors to order one at a time. In addition, Marvin has also announced Matte Black hardware is available to complete the picture. This new option is reflection-free, allowing the lines of the hardware to stand out while blending seamlessly with the contemporary or transitional decor.


As design-minded homeowners well know, black is not one color. Like white, black comes in almost infinite shades. To ensure homeowners can match their trim and millwork to Marvin’s new Designer Black, a retail color match is available through Sherwin Williams. 


Which of these Marvin statements resonate with you

about including black in your designs?

It is the complete absence of light, and the total presence of sophistication.

It’s the color of high fashion, drama and mystery.

 Black is strong, bold and assertive.

It projects an image of power, confidence and control.

It’s not a color. It’s an attitude.


According to Marvin Windows and Doors, Designer Black is here to stay. For more information on the country’s first Marvin Experience Center, where architects, designers and homeowners are turning for the latest design thinking, click here.