Behind the Design @ 7 Tide: Luca Taccalozzi of Navona Cucine

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Behind the Design @ 7 Tide: Luca Taccalozzi of Navona Cucine

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Luca Taccalozzi








One of the elements of 7 Tide that helps create a singular experience for homeowners is our ever-changing array of kitchen displays. A recent addition to the showroom is a kitchen vignette with an industrial look that was designed by Luca Taccalozzi of NAVONA CUCINE, a division of Cumar, Inc.

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Cumar is widely known as one of New England’s largest purveyors of natural stone, including marble, granite and limestone. NAVONA specializes in custom cabinetry, sourcing products from Italy for kitchen and bath design. When Cumar teamed up with NAVONA four years ago, the pairing created a powerful force in the region’s design industry, one which allows homeowners to work with just one team from the design portion of a project right up through the installation phase, with each step handled in house.


Taccalozzi, who holds a degree in architecture from his native Italy, conceived a design for the display at 7 Tide that has a decidedly urban edge yet at the same time exudes warmth.

“It has an industrial modern look, which is a little different from the other displays at 7 Tide,” says Taccalozzi.

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He describes the cabinets, which are metal with integrated pulls for a sleek look, as “super modern.” The colors and textures Taccalozzi incorporated into his design were selected to infuse the space with warmth.

“The countertops have a leathered finish, which gives them texture,” he says.

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A leathered finished has a matte look, similar to honed stone countertops, but while a honed finished is smooth, leathering creates a pebbly surface – much like a piece of vintage leather – which adds subtle visual interest and touchable appeal. Against the smooth finish of the cabinet doors and glass shelves within the space, the leathering also provides a subtle contrast.

The cabinet doors, which have a lacquer finish, were fabricated with a very thin honeycomb core.

“This allows for larger doors without warping,” explains Taccalozzi, adding that he has used the new technology to create doors as large 15 feet in size.

The cabinets to one side of the Sub-Zero refrigerator and above the dual Wolf ovens have glass doors, which lighten the overall look of the space. Inset LED lighting within these cabinets highlights their stone backing and the items displayed.

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As is true of all of the kitchen displays at 7 Tide, Taccalozzi’s is as much about function as it is form. A Wolf induction cooktop is flush mounted within the countertop of the island. An under-mount sink outfitted with a faucet with sleek lines is nearby. A pantry cabinet to the right of the refrigerator provides ample amounts of storage within a space-efficient layout. Drawers have been outfitted with customized inserts, including spice containers, which have been devised to allow homeowners to consider clutter-control options when designing their own kitchen.

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With the kitchen being the room in our homes where we spend much of our time, making it perfect is always a crucial concern for homeowners. This display is yet another tool at 7 Tide to ensure that your new kitchen suits your family’s needs . . . beautifully.

Photos courtesy of NAVONA CUCINE.