CEU: Amerlux – Delivering on the Promise of LED Technologies


CEU: Amerlux - Delivering on the Promise of LED Technologies

Wed, September 13, 5:30pm - 8:30pm EDT

The focus of the course it to provide the architectural community with information specific the current LED technology and how it is used in interior lighting applications. There is a specific focus on energy efficiency, green building technology, reduction of ambient heat as it relates to LED lighting sources The course materials focus on LED terminology, i.e.: "MacAdam Binning" The course discusses LED drivers and controls The course explores the demands of energy codes, specifically ASHREA and Title 24 and how LED and LED controls can be used to meet those strict codes. The course discusses color rendering in LED specific terms The course discusses lumen output, a new standard of measuring the functionality of LED lighting as compared to Foot Candles previously used to measure the effectiveness of incandescent and metal halide lighting technologies. The premise is that an LED light source's lumen output determines the effectiveness and safety of the interior space. The course also explores emerging LED technology giving architects a look into the future of LED.