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June 22, 2018
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A More Energy-Efficient Window

“Code requirements may not be the most exciting aspect of an architect’s job, but windows have to perform,” says Stuart Lipp, products and services consultant with A.W. Hastings & Co. “Windows are primarily glass and you’re not going to get them to perform efficiently without Low-E coatings.” Sharing the scientific basics behind low emissivity, or Low-E, window coatings was the focus of Lipp’s recent continuing education presentation at 7 Tide: Performance Glazing and Building Envelope Optimization.

Low-E coatings reduce unwanted heat transfer in and out of your home thus creating a more energy-efficient window. “Low-E is now the norm,” says Lipp. “You don’t often see a window spec without it, unless there’s a historical requirement. Because it is so commonplace, it’s all the other components, design features and options of the Marvin window that puts it above its peers, particularly Marvin’s quality of materials, innovative design and industry-leading practices.”

At the crowded event, Lipp covered what the coatings are made from, how they are applied and how they function as part of the window system. The course was part of a special All-Day Learn and Lounge series, but 7 Tide organizes courses for industry professionals throughout the year. “We believe in hosting these events for the design community in order to support continuing education,” says Lauren Hokenson, Marvin at 7 Tide manager. “We greatly value the work this community does, and these events are a small way we can give back and support their craft.”

Lipp feels the 7 Tide courses offer a unique juxtaposition for the architects; upstairs for the engineering-based information and downstairs into the showroom, where it is all about aesthetics. “These events are giving architects a chance to become more informed on particular building-related subjects,” he continues. “Homeowners come into the design and build process with lots of questions, so these presentations allow the architects to respond knowledgeably.”

Photograph by Megan Burns 

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