Boston Design Week Panel at 7 Tide on April 5
March 30, 2018
April in the Seaport
April 9, 2018
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Far From Your Typical Design Experience

At the beginning of every home project, the tips, ideas, products, and decisions can seem endless, especially if you’re conducting your design research online. How can you slow down the process, so that you are not only able enjoy it, but also make selections that you truly feel confident in? This is the mission of 7 Tide. Here in Boston’s Seaport, we’ve created a shared space where clients can experience—see, touch, and test—products by Marvin Windows and Doors, Clarke Sub-Zero/Wolf, and Kohler Signature Store by Supply New England (opening on April 19, 2018).

“We were seeing this trend of people wanting more personalization,” Miana Hoyt Dawson, marketing strategy manager at A.W. Hastings, told Builder Magazine. “Everybody cares about something different when they are creating their home. We recognized that Marvin didn’t have a platform to conceptualize the window from the ground up in the context of a homeowner’s personal style. We wanted to be able to demonstrate the possibilities.”

In an article this week, Builder analyzed this consumer preference. Writer Lisa Bonnema discovered that even with advanced technology such as virtual reality and 3-D animation, clients still long for something tangible. “Manufacturers, marketers, and retailers are finding that a large part of the buying population still prefers to touch and feel products firsthand, especially big-ticket and custom products like appliances, furniture, and building materials,” she writes.

Marvin at 7 Tide, Marvin Windows and Doors’ first brand experience center, took center stage in the article, which the writer said looked “more like a high-tech art gallery than a product showroom.” When we opened our doors in the Seaport in 2016, we wanted our 3,500-square-foot space to be artistic, so homeowners, designers, architects, and whoever comes through the door, felt encouraged to be creative with their designs. 

“The intent is to educate, engage, and inspire,” Hoyt Dawson said. “These exhibits are meant to stop people in their tracks and reset the expectation of what it means to look at windows and doors.”

Read “Experience Centers Go Beyond Typical Product Showrooms” in Builder Magazine.