Get Your Kitchen Ready for Fall

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October 2, 2018
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Get Your Kitchen Ready for Fall

The calendar says autumn is officially here! These next few weeks are ideal for transitioning your kitchen into the season when you bake pies and breads, create warming soups and stews and plan for upcoming holiday feasts with friends and family. To get yourself in the mood, you can start to reimagine the look of your prep and dining areas. Put out a bowl full of crisp macintosh apples. Decorate your table with rich-colored linens, mini pumpkins and fall leaves. Choose some of the beautiful New England fall flowers for your vases, like asters, chrysanthemums, dianthus and black-eyed Susans.

If you’ve neglected your mixer and Crockpot during the hot summer months, it’s a perfect time to pull them out and get them back to work. Turnips, carrots, onions and winter squash are seasonal favorites that add flavor and richness to the comfort foods you will be craving as the temperatures dip. Reintroduce hearty spices and herbs such as nutmeg, rosemary and sage back into your repertoire. Pumpkin pies and cranberry-apple breads are just waiting to be made!

Kitchens outfitted with Wolf convection steam ovens and warming drawers make cold-weather cooking a breeze. A convection oven is perfect for baking pies and cakes since the temperature is consistently maintained, resulting in evenly browned food. With the 30-inch and 36-inch ovens, you can even bake multiple pies on the same rack. The Wolf warming drawer, which allows for a custom wood panel to blend in with your cabinetry, not only keeps moist foods moist and crisp foods crisp until serving time, it’s also ideal for warming dinnerware and proofing bread dough.

And when the cooking is done, light some scented candles in vanilla, clove, cinnamon or orange spice (you don’t want to mix those with your yummy cooking aromas). Cuddle up with a cup of tea and await the compliments on your autumn cuisine!