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December 6, 2017
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December 22, 2017
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Gifts for the Designer

Elevate your gift game with these eight chic finds for your design-loving friends.

1. Brutalist Paris Map 

Give the gift of twentieth century architectural marvels with the Brutalist Paris Map. Blue Crow Media has composed a book of maps and photographs that identify over 60 examples of Brutalist architecture in Paris. Think massive concrete structures that weren’t necessarily lauded for their beauty, but time has offered the buildings appreciation, understanding, and even a spot in history. (Available at Blue Crow Media, $9.38,

2. The Tan Leather Strap Backpack 

Now there’s officially a place for everything. The Tan Leather Strap Backpack helps creative types get organized, so they never have to leave home without their designer necessities. In the years ahead, due to weather and wear and tear, the genuine leather bag will inherit new hues and creases. In fact, no two bags will look alike as each mark will be unique to its owner’s story. What could be more sentimental? (Available at Olives and Grace, $360,

3. Tape Measure

Spotted the perfect head board, but not sure if it will fit at home? Your friend will be in luck, if she is traveling with her stainless steel tape measure (which, by the way, will never be confused for someone else’s). (Available at Abodeon, $29,

4. “A Place to Call Home”

In “A Place to Call Home,” celebrated Hudson Valley architect, Gil Schafer, defines his professional philosophies and reveals some of his most personal projects. The stunning visuals inside make this book a welcome addition to any library. (Available online, $55,

5. Dome Clock: Petrol

Help your artsy pal wake up on time and in style with the ICA’s Dome Clock. The contemporary alarm clock with a tactile silicone finish will add sophistication to any bedside table. (Available at Institute of Contemporary Art Gift Store, $49.95,

6. Boston Rocks Map Glass 

Boston-based Uncommon Green founder Brian Johnson believes balancing “artistry with functionality, practicality with wit, and style with sustainability” are possible and necessary. His Boston Rocks Map Glass also complements any coaster—or outfit for that matter. Cheers! (Available at Olives and Grace, $20,

7. Magma Sketchbook: Architects 

As far as we’re concerned, sketchbooks will never go out of style. There’s something about putting a pencil to paper that allows creatives to really work out their best ideas. This Magma Sketchbook is made specifically for architects, and there are varieties for illustrators, designers, art directors, fashionistas, and filmmakers, too. (Available at the American Institute of Architects, $15.95,