Go Big. Go Bold. Go Smart.

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December 4, 2018
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December 7, 2018
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Go Big. Go Bold. Go Smart.

New products and designs by Marvin make a splash at ABX

The annual ArchitectureBoston Expo is about spreading new ideas and identifying innovative solutions. The two-day Boston event attracts industry professionals who are looking to expand their network and learn about new technology, products, and trends.

Smack in the center of the action, Marvin Windows and Doors banner floated above the interactive, custom display built by the team at A.W. Hastings, a distributor of Marvin Windows and Doors. “This is the biggest booth build we’ve done,” says Liz Sommer, events program manager at A.W. Hastings. “Go big, go bold, go smart—that’s the theme. The Marvin Family of Brands has so many options for architects. Whether they work on commercial, residential, or historical projects, we have what they are looking for and we wanted this year’s booth to reflect that.”

Passersby could stop to see, touch, and try products by Marvin’s Family of Brands: Marvin, Integrity, and Infinity. Steve Hoyt, commercial development manager for A.W. Hastings, works with architects who specialize in commercial projects and he was particularly thrilled about this year’s arrangement. “This here was meant to mimic a storefront,” he says, referencing a vignette of a tradition wooden door framed by windows. The Marvin Commercial Door is built for high use, but the quality door design can be a defining final touch for a small business. The windows that frame the door are Ultrex fiberglass windows made by Infinity, which makes the whole combination attractive, practical, and durable. “With this display in particular, we wanted to pique people’s interests and show them an example of when they could use both Marvin and Infinity products to achieve a polished look while also being low maintenance,” he says.

Photographs of New England-based projects were draped around the exhibit. Hoyt pointed out the recently renovated Hotel on North in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Working with the team at A.W. Hastings, the architects chose custom Marvin windows that made a statement on the outside of the hotel. “This project in particular shows that not every commercial project is cookie cutter,” says Hoyt. “By investing in a unique window design, you can add character even to big buildings, and in this case, they created a space that people want to be in.”

Standing 10-feet-tall and 5-feet-wide, one window looked like it would fit perfectly into an old mill building renovation; it is a product of beauty, but it’s also tech savvy. With Marvin Lift Lock, the window lock has been moved from check rail to the bottom of the sash creating easy access to open the window. “This new technology makes it much easier to operate large windows,” he says. The Marvin Lock Status Sensor pairs with smart home technology to signal when windows are shut and locked. “You’ll see these larger windows in schools, too, and the sensor is an added level of security and comfort.”

Mark Swift, regional business development manager at A.W. Hastings, stood by the Marvin Ultimate Multi-Slide Door, which while always popular on the West Coast has trickled in as a trend in homes and businesses in the northeast. “The sliding doors create more light, more views, and merge the outside with the inside—that’s how people want to live in their homes,” says Swift. Marvin Sliding Doors can be made up to 56 feet wide and 12 feet high and open up a home to the view the homeowners fell in love with in the first place. Of course, with moody weather patterns, New Englanders have to be prepared. “These doors, and all of our windows, can be made to be big and bold, but they have to perform. That’s what Marvin does really well—they can guarantee high performance even in high-impact areas on the coast,” says Swift.

What’s an event without a little surprise? At the corner of the exhibit, the A.W. Hastings team offered a glimpse of Marvin Modern, a new system of windows and doors that will help architects and homeowners achieve that sleek modern look without compromising performance. “Modern design is finally in demand here in New England and we have the product to achieve that,” says Naomi Mancha, creative strategist for A.W. Hastings. The new line will officially launch at International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2019, but the team decided to have a sneak peek for ABX guests. “The response from architects so far has been overwhelmingly positive and we can’t wait to see what kinds of projects these windows will become part of.”

On the outskirts of the exhibit, President and CEO of A.W. Hastings Keenan Burns admired the work of his team. The large display had products to try and was wrapped in graphics and photos from locally completed projects. “There is a tremendous amount of pride and passion represented in this amazing display,” says Burns. “The response from the architectural community has been extremely positive and I am very proud of our entire team for creating a presentation that showcases Marvin’s capabilities and communicates our Marvin Family of Brands message so effectively.”