Hello Convection Steam Oven, Goodbye Microwave

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Hello Convection Steam Oven, Goodbye Microwave

convection steam oven

How would you like to cook your food quickly, while toasting it, without drying it out or losing vitamins and nutrients? What about baking food without using oil?

Obviously, a microwave will get the job done quickly, but that’s about it. And a standard oven can handle baking pretty well, but not without using some oil. But now, with the Wolf Convection Steam Oven, you can cook quickly, healthy, easily and without fear of losing flavor, texture, color, nutrients and moisture.

Pretty soon, we might be saying of the microwave, “We hardly knew ye!”

wolf convection steam oven

Convection steam ovens are the wave of the future, and they just might make the microwave obsolete. Steam cooking is hardly new; it has been around for centuries. It cooks foods without leaching away nutrients and eliminates the need for cooking oil, which lowers the fat content. Like a microwave, it cooks quickly, but at a lower temperature, thus retaining moisture and avoiding the risk of overcooking. A steam oven is like a pressure cooker built into the oven that provides a gentle flow of steam that cooks vegetables, seafood, meats, rice and grains in a controlled, healthier way.

Unlike microwaves, you can cook multiple dishes simultaneously in steam ovens without fear of flavors being transferred. Therefore, you can cook family-size portions with ease. Plus, cleanup is easy, and, unlike a microwave, cooking can be done using glass, metal dishes and cutlery.

But historically, there was a significant drawback to steam ovens: If you wanted your food to be moist and tender on the inside and crisp and flaky on the outside, you were out of luck. That’s because a steam oven didn’t cook hot enough to crisp or brown food the way a regular oven does. But the Wolf Convection Steam Oven has bridged that gap by using a combination of steam and natural convection heat.

The Wolf Convection Steam Oven can be adjusted depending on what you’re cooking, so that you can use total convection, total steam or a combination of both. Therefore, cooking will be faster and your food will be moist and crispy. That means no more rubbery food that is so prevalent when using a microwave. And because a convection steam oven features a smaller cavity, you can preheat foods quickly without drying them out.

Imagine light, crusty breads and flaky pastries that are baked quickly and efficiently? Adding steam to convection will turn you into a master baker.

For those leery of new technology, Wolf’s “Gourmet Mode” makes it easy by automatically selecting the right amount of heat, steam and time based on the type and quantity of the dish being cooked or baked. There is also an auto-steam bake feature that transitions automatically from steam to convection.

Steam cooking has always been a healthier way to cook. But now, by combining steam with convection, you also have all the benefits of a standard oven. As for that microwave, it might soon be as antiquated as an eight-track cassette player.

Top photo via ClarkeLiving.com; design by Rhode Island Kitchen & Bath: all other images via Sub-Zero & Wolf website.