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Ideas to Reality: Bring Your Dream House to Life

Marvin at 7 Tide's Conference Room

When homeowners, designers and architects walk through the door of Marvin at 7 Tide, the Seaport brand experience center, they are given a small notebook. This is for jotting down notes, of course, but it also contains technology that saves every concept a client likes from three interactive stations. “At the end of the visit, you’ll be emailed a link to a landing page that has everything you’ve saved while you were here, for reference,” says Lauren Hokenson, Marvin at 7 Tide Manager.

The cutting-edge user-friendly technology is Marvin at 7 Tide’s way of making designing and building a home less daunting, and even fun.

The first interactive station, the Vignette Station, is where homeowners and designers can swipe through various Marvin projects on a large screen. “This is helpful if somebody is having a hard time explaining their style,” says Hokenson. “They can look through a variety of different homes and quickly identify what they like and don’t like.” This station also presents different options for interior and exterior window finishes. “Just looking at a color chip of Hampton Sage, it can be hard to imagine what it will look like on an entire home,” says Hokenson. On the large touchscreen, she pulls up a residence that was built using the soft green trim.

Over in the Resource Pavilion, clients can tap their booklet and start their session with the touch table. “This is where you explore colors and finishes,” says Hokenson. Windows can be customized by mixing and matching wood type, interior and exterior finishes and hardware. Bordering the pavilion, shelves stow a neat arrangement of wood and hardware samples that are too pretty not to touch and identify your favorite shade.

The third stop is the Living Room, which is all about specifications. Onto the wall, Hokenson projects the windows and doors to scale. “This is helpful to the homeowner to actually visualize their windows and doors to scale, but it’s so important for an architect as well. We’ll spend two hours in here with an architect and their client and we’ll go through every window and door in the home.”

The visual process helps the team make necessary changes. “It is helpful to the homeowner because they can adjust their windows and doors in real time until they feel great about how their selections look and feel,” says Hokenson. “It is helpful to the architect because it saves them time by not having to redraw the plans, and it brings their vision for the client to life in a way a homeowner can more easily relate to.”

The last part of the process is the fun part! With the landing page link, clients can think about everything at home, or even pass along their selections to a retailer or designer. It’s exciting when design concepts begin to take shape with windows, doors, natural light and views. The dream house that was once no more than a hazy notion is finally within reach.