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August 1, 2019
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Kitchen Design Trends for 2020

kitchen trends 2020

With Labor Day weekend on the horizon, our focus begins to shift: eking out a last weekend at the beach becomes an obsession; back-to-school shopping begins in earnest; the arrival of the September issue of Vogue is eagerly awaited. It also when every Tom, Rick and Harriet working in the world of design releases their “next big thing” report on what will be red hot in the coming year.

We turned to our BFF Google to see what prognosticators are predicting in kitchen design for 2020.

Open is Where It’s At

An open kitchen is nothing new. The concept of open floor plan living, with the kitchen as the proverbial “heart of the home,” has been around for so long, we were surprised it even warranted mention. Yet mentioned it was, many times. What apparently is new is further integrating the décor of a kitchen with the surrounding spaces, and removing any sense of barrier that may impede flow.

A story on Homes to Love notes, “New kitchen designs will feature exquisite finishes, curated décor to match the living room, and continued momentum towards the ‘anti-kitchen’, which sees functional components being more hidden.” Think Sub-Zero refrigerators – and refrigerated drawers – with custom panels that allow them to disappear into the surrounding cabinetry, and microwaves tucked out of sight in a center island.

kitchen design trends

Sub-Zero refrigerated drawers with customized panels, and cabinetry with clean lines, such as these, will continue to gain in popularity. Photo via

With a sleek, barely-there look and ever-increasing functionality, induction cooktops are becoming the appliance of choice for trendsetters.

A story on says, “Induction cooktops are fast, safe, and aesthetically pleasing, plus they eliminate the need for a large range hood, opening the door to creative design possibilities.”

boston interior design

A Wolf induction cooktop; photo via

While center islands with an elevated eating bar have been quite popular in recent years, “raising the bar,” so to speak, interrupts the visual flow from room to room. Better Homes & Gardens says keeping the entire island at countertop height has already become the go-to look in kitchen design, and that it will continue to gain traction as the desire for sleek surroundings increases with homeowners.

kitchen design trends 2020

Without an elevated dining bar, this oversized island has nothing to impede the view in an open floor plan main living area. Photo via

Ornate is Out

Sleek and streamlined will be all the rage in kitchen design as we move into 2020. Unembellished cabinet doors, with minimal hardware or even invisible grips, are replacing ornate trim work and oversized, elongated pulls. Apparently, even Shaker-style doors are on the way out.

The ‘Shaker’-style door is starting to become fairly passé,” says Ava Gordon in a story on Apartment Therapy. “It’s become the beige living room of the ’90s.”

boston kitchen designer

Unembellished cabinet doors and an island with a waterfall edge give this kitchen, designed by Scandia Kitchens, Inc., modern appeal. Photo via

A Return to Color

White cabinetry has reigned supreme for several years. According to several sources, color is making a welcome comeback.

The same story on Apartment Therapy recommends choosing “a pop of color, whether that’s turquoise, avocado, or lemon, three shades [that] will stand out against darker backsplashes and really break the mold.”

Avocado? Really? Say it isn’t so!

boston home design

Cabinets painted with Farrow & Ball’s Hardwick White (L) have just enough color. For the more adventurous homeowner, navy is an on-trend choice. Photos via Remodelista and Home to Love, respectively.

Bring on the Bling

If all this talk of “sleek and streamlined” has you thinking, “What about visual interest?” fear not; luxe finishes and statement-making accessories are right up there on the must-have lists for 2020.

A story on notes, “Statement hanging pendants will be important in denoting different areas within an open-plan space.” Apparently no trend report is complete without a contradiction or two thrown in, ours included, and that same article on says, “Folks want organic. We’re seeing a huge movement away from the traditional polished chrome and nickel knob and pull, to hardware that has a little more warmth and depth to it.”

Color us befuddled about the takeaway from this story. Would one define the look as “organic bling”? Moving on.

kitchen design inspiration

Oversized pendant lights can visually create of a sense of zones within an open floor plan main living area; leather drawer pulls add an organic touch. Photos via

We don’t know that marble, which has been used in building for thousands of years, can ever be construed as trendy, but the way in which it’s being utilized does feel fresh. Rather than being reserved for historic homes, often in tiles, marble is making a splash – backsplash, that is – in newer homes as well. When installed in full slabs, instead of tiles, it manages to feel both classic and contemporary. Now, that’s a trend we can all get on board with.

kitchen trends 2020

A single slab of marble is a sleek approach to utilizing a time-honored material.

When it comes to embracing trends in kitchen design, consider approaching it as you likely do your wardrobe. While the very best LBD or Italian-made bag are staples worthy of an investment, a blouse in an of-the-moment style probably isn’t. Remember the “cold shoulder” look? With your kitchen, save cutting edge for items that can easily be switched out, such as cabinet pulls, paint color, and lighting, and stick with classic for more permanent elements like cabinetry and tile.