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November 26, 2018
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Let it Rain

We’ve had our share of rain storms over the past few weeks, and with snow showers, sleet and more downpours, we can all expect plenty of precipitation this winter in New England. However, while you might want to hide away from those chilly weather events, enjoying a warm and soothing rainfall experience in your own bathroom is quite another story.

“What we wanted to do was emulate nature, which is random,” says Rafael Rexach, lead industrial designer with emerging technologies, which created the Real Rain™ system for Kohler. “The differential between Real Rain™ and normal shower heads is the formation of droplets,” he says, “which are different sizes and fall at different rates, and are randomly scattered on the panel.”

A shower equipped with a Kohler Real Rain™ shower head allows you to choose gentle summer rain-like showering, or, with a touch of a button, a deluge of invigorating water, to help rinse away soap and shampoo. “We designed it to flow with the appropriate amount of water, and keep some of the water in the device,“ says Rexach. “Eventually it builds into a gallon or so that you can release in a matter of seconds.”

Another key difference is that Real Rain™ uses gravity instead of pressure and only 2.0 gallons (7.6 liters) per minute during normal operation. The square panel with 775 nozzles is currently available in white, and will soon be available in Thunder Grey™ to match the look of your personal shower space. You can also choose different panel trim finishes that offer superior resistance to corrosion and wear while the well-designed spray face surface allows for easy cleaning.

The Kohler Signature Store at 7 Tide has a Real Rain™ shower head that you can try in one of their two Experience Rooms, which features a Digital Thermostatic Valve-controlled walk-in shower. The next time a nor’easter hits Boston—come in out of the rain and step into Real Rain™.