All Your Lights on One App: HALO Home Smart Lighting System

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June 7, 2018
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All Your Lights on One App: HALO Home Smart Lighting System

With the HALO Home Smart Lighting System, homeowners can control all of the lights in their home using their smart device. “Right now, connected lighting technology is the new standard for homes,” says Paul Grossman, who handles outside sales at Reflex Lighting. “It’s simple, smart and secure and it’s what homeowners are looking for.” From an iPad, they are able to dim the lights in their kitchen, control the temperature of the lighting from cool to warm, and shut off or turn on lights when they are away from their house.

Here at 7 Tide, we have recently installed the HALO Home Smart Lighting System above a kitchen vignette in New England’s Official Sub-Zero & Wolf Showroom and Test Kitchens. Grossman showed us three important features:

1. Have Control

On the app, Grossman demonstrates how every light in your home is accounted for, but you can organize them by rooms. Kitchen pendants and down lights can be turned on at the same time, or you could dim one while turning off another.

2. Establish Schedules

At residential properties, you can schedule your outdoor lights to come on before you get home from work. “You can control the lights from anywhere in the world,” says Grossman. “Say you’re away with your family, you can go to your iPad and turn them off. You can also coordinate with Alexa.” In commercial settings, this feature has been extremely useful for restaurants. “In a restaurant, owners can have lights go to 2700K at 4 p.m. for dinner and then at 11 p.m. the lights go to 3500K, which is brighter, for clean up. Then maybe at 1 a.m. they shut off. HALO gives you flexibility to operate everything.”

3. Create Scenes

The lighting system allows you to control the temperature of the lighting. Cooler lights might be better for a child doing homework at the counter, but a warmer glow sets the mood over dinner. “The temperature of the lighting can affect your kitchen products, too,” says Grossman. “The marble under an overhead light might look different in your home than it did in showroom lighting, so you have the ability to adjust that.”

Come try HALO Home here at 7 Tide and see for yourself.