Marvin at 7 Tide Wins Prestigious National Award

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Marvin at 7 Tide Wins Prestigious National Award

Marvin at 7 Tide, Boston, MA Showroom

If you haven’t yet visited Marvin at 7 Tide, here’s one more reason to make the trip! Window & Door, the top national trade magazine covering the trends in the window and door industry, has just given their prestigious Dealer of the Year Award for “Excellence in Technology and Innovation” to A.W. Hastings, the exclusive representative of Marvin Windows and Doors in New England and Eastern New York. The reason? Hastings’ innovative design of the nation’s first Marvin Window and Door Experience Center at 7 Tide in Boston, Massachusetts.

“We designed Marvin at 7 Tide to change the way both the design trade and homeowners think about windows and doors,” said Keenan Burns, President of A.W. Hastings. “Our team partnered with very creative thinkers to design an unprecedented immersive experience that is both high tech and high touch. We are extremely pleased that our efforts captured the attention of the national judges on Window & Door magazine’s editorial staff.”

Inside the 3,500-square-foot facility, located at 7 Tide in Boston’s Innovation District, visitors find a place where decision-making can be accelerated using visualization tools, and where dedicated experts can walk them through those decisions with tangible examples of style and design. The space is totally unique, looking like neither a retail store nor a manufacturer’s showroom. From a wall of yellow felt roses, celebrating a key element from the Marvin Windows and Doors logo to a deconstructed window mobile hanging in the entryway illustrating Marvin’s detailed craftsmanship, visitors are immersed in a new way to think about windows and doors.

“From the time a visitor makes an appointment online or arrives as a walk-in guest,” said Miana Hoyt Dawson, Director of Marketing for A.W. Hastings, “we design a very personal experience for them. They are given a Marvin project notebook when they arrive, which allows them to digitally store and later retrieve any images or specifications that inspire them during their visit. We’re in the business of inspiring people and making their lives easier, so there’s no need to take notes or snap photos. We hope to spark important conversations that can be remembered later as they design their homes and then visit one of the authorized Marvin dealers throughout the region where they can purchase these products.”

As visitors move through the space, they encounter several distinct digital experiences including a gallery of 3-D printed home designs, a projector that shows windows and doors in full scale that allows for real-time changes to height, width and style, and a Smart Touch Table that provides visitors a singular opportunity to design their own windows and doors.

You can stop by and browse or make an appointment to enjoy a very personal tour that focuses on your vision for your new space. Thinking about windows and doors has never been this much fun. Click here for more information to plan your visit.