Paul Reidt’s Spectacular Modern Showcase

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October 17, 2018
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Paul Reidt’s Spectacular Modern Showcase

As Paul Reidt, president of Kochman Reidt  + Haigh Cabinetmakers, first approached designing his kitchen vignette for 7 Tide he was inspired by a photo in the New York Times Sunday Magazine of a jazz vocalist draped in a bright shawl. “I turned the page and saw this wonderful splash of color that was so dynamic and nuanced,” says Reidt. “I knew I wanted to design something that would reference that image in some form.”

The resulting warm orange and yellow tryptic that acts as both backsplash and hidden storage is a focal point in Reidt’s spectacular modern showcase. “Something I’ve always known about kitchen displays is that customers love to interact with them, putting their hands on the components and imaging them in their home.” Thus, the middle panel is fixed behind the stovetop, but the other two slide open to reveal space for spices and other oft-used cooking items.

Reidt turned to artist Connie Coleman to help create the panels, which are a combination of paint and colored paper laminated on glass, and Dennis Jaques of Maverick Integration to assist in automating the components. “Everything needs to be justified functionally, “ says Reidt. “But I like to find and incorporate expressive elements as well.”

With so much bright color in the panels, Reidt chose a neutral Caesarstone for the counters and a dark Macassar ebony for the cabinets, whose outside corners have protective accents of anodized aluminum. He also incorporated a stainless steel drawer system to match the contemporary look of the SubZero and Wolfe appliances. “Stainless has great utility and is compatible with so many other materials. It really is the perfect kitchen material.”

Reidt, who has been a cabinet maker since the mid 1970s, wanted to create something noticeable among the many other high quality vignettes at 7 Tide. “ It might be an adventurous aesthetic, but every kitchen we make is distinctive, “ says Reidt. “We offer capable design and a unique approach, so we can do something like this for a customer with a completely different aesthetic.”