Peer Inside the Minds of 8 New England Architects 
at ABX 2016 Booth 757 in November

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Peer Inside the Minds of 8 New England Architects 
at ABX 2016 Booth 757 in November


We’ve all been to trade shows, walked the exhibit floor, attended conference sessions and, on occasion, seen some really spectacular displays. This year at ABX 2016 (being held at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center from Nov 15-17), the Marvin Windows and Doors booth will be offering a singular opportunity. At Booth #757, visitors will have the chance to peer inside the creative minds of eight New England architects to discover the inspiration for the design of their ultimate custom window. Inside the booth will be the spectacular windows that have resulted from the design acumen of these architects and the personalized made-to-order capabilities of Marvin Windows and Doors.

The genesis of Marvin’s booth concept was an employee contest in 2015, where staff members at A.W. Hastings & Co. (the exclusive product and service provider of Marvin Windows and Doors in New England and Eastern New York) were invited to “dream up a window.” The results were spectacular and the excitement of seeing a purely fantasy window concept brought to life by the company they worked for was palpable at Hastings’ Enfield, CT headquarters. Think personalized windows: one employee who loves genealogy imagined a beautiful “family tree” and teared up when she saw her vision realized as a work of art in wood and glass. 

So, the A.W. Hastings team decided to bring the challenge to eight architects who had worked with Marvin before, on behalf of their residential clients. What would happen if each of these architects created a window that could go anywhere, in any color, with any type of glass? What would inspire these architects and what would those windows look like if the sky were the limit?


The eight featured architects are (left to right above): Frank Shirley of Frank Shirley Architects in Cambridge, MA; Timothy M Giguere, AIA, of TMS Architects in Portsmouth, NH; Michael McKinley of Michael McKinley and Associates in Stonington, CT; David Andreozzi of Andreozzi Architects in Barrington, RI; (second row left to right) James M. Crisp, AIA, of CRISP Architects in Millbrook, NY; Stephen and Judith Selin of Selin + Selin Architecture in Shelburne, VT; and Eric Chase of Eric A. Chase Architecture of Brooksville, ME.

The “My Marvin Project” creations will be unveiled at ABX Booth #757 in November. To take the project to a new level of imagination once the window designs were complete, each architect was also asked to choose a song that he or she felt went well with their creation. The music, like the designs, ranges from classical music to contemporary rock and everything in between. ABX visitors will not only see the personalized Marvin windows, but also have the opportunity to read about each architect’s inspiration and hear the music chosen to reflect the designs. You’ll easily find Booth #757 right below the Marvin Banner hanging from the ceiling.

For more information on Marvin Windows and Doors, explore the Marvin inspiration center at 7 Tide in Boston Seaport.