Seaport Sweat’s Cardio Community

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Seaport Sweat’s Cardio Community

If you’ve visited the Seaport on a weeknight perhaps you’ve noticed the pack of people in bright fitness gear jumping and running on the Seaport Common. The weekday gatherings are part of Seaport Sweat, a program offering free fitness classes for the neighborhood.

One popular class is Kick It By Eliza, a class designed by Eliza Shirazi, which targets a female audience and promotes camaraderie and healthy living. “The class is music-driven and kickboxing inspired and the goal is to give people a great cardio workout, but even more so it’s meant to be interactive,” says Shirazi. “Halfway through class we partner up and that’s when the magic of Kick It happens—when people feed off each other’s energy.”

One Wednesday as the summer sky dimmed to sunset colors, a group of about 20 females kicked, jumped and dropped to the ground on Shirazi’s cue, which matched the beat of catchy songs played on a sound system. The crew paired off to practice punches and encourage the sweaty female across from them. It’s hard not to feel connected to your fellow classmates, and it’s easy to feel proud while lying on the granite exhausted after 45 minutes of squats, kicks, lunges and jumps while Shirazi conducts the final meditation.

Seaport Sweat started last summer and this year classes will run through the fall. “The overall goal is to create community,” says Shirazi, who ran Kick It classes last year in Seaport Sweat’s first season. While Shirazi wants her attendees to leave with a good workout, female empowerment and community are added bonuses. “I hope that people get a really great sweat and most importantly a real burst of confidence that they’ll take with them throughout their day,” says Shirazi. “That’s what I hope, and what I know they get is a really great bunch of friends.”

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