Seven Tide’s Open House Introduction

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September 14, 2017
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September 21, 2017
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Seven Tide’s Open House Introduction

Last week, America’s Test Kitchen celebrity chef, Jack Bishop, and Hans Van Order, visited Seven Tide. Bishop led a cooking demonstration, Van Order rolled up his sleeves to help out, and many bites were passed around the room throughout the evening, including scallion pancakes, shrimp tempura, teriyaki meatballs, beef satay and dumplings. 

Next month, America’s Test Kitchen will be opening up a new space down the street from Seven Tide in Boston’s Innovation and Design Building. The new 55,000-square-foot space will provide more room for filming their television show, which has 4.2 million weekly viewers. This January 2018 will mark the 18th season of the show and we are excited and honored that the chefs will be cooking with Sub-Zero and Wolf.

They’ll also have space to continue to produce their highly tested, easy-to-follow recipes. Bishop explains their recipes are meant to be attainable. “We believe that a happy life is spent in the kitchen and you’ll spend more time in the kitchen when you’re successful,” says Bishop.

During the event at Seven Tide, Bishop executed a dumpling recipe, walking the audience through each step of the process, simultaneously filling our space with a delicious aroma. The simple instructions are intentional and part of America’s Test Kitchen’s entire mission. “There seems to be a lack of cooking information being passed down and people are growing up in households where they aren’t learning how to cook, so we’re here to help people learn,” says Bishop.

We’re looking forward to more lessons when they set up shop right down the street.