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March 15, 2018
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Spring Refresh

Spring may be slow to arrive outside, but you can make the seasonal switch inside your home. Time for heavy blankets and dark winter hues to go; make room for the clean lines and bright colors of spring. Here are a few simple ideas to refresh, declutter, and add vibrance to your house at this quarterly shift:


1. Change It Up

Already lifting the couch for spring cleaning? Embrace the season of getting things in order by considering the power of rearranging. By moving couches and tables around the room or even into different spaces, you are doing wonders for your floors, but you are also inviting the opportunity to see your possessions in a new light. Rejiggering art and gallery walls can also have a huge impact on your space.

2. Simple Switches 

New throw pillows are an easy way to spruce up the corners of your house. If playful designs are what you seek, consider the patterns created by Maine textile designer Erin Flett. Her bold prints evoke a childlike wonder and can brighten any sofa. For a more nautical vibe, browse The Salty Cottage’s collection, which are hand-stitched and made from materials sourced from Massachusetts.

3. Less is More

“Have nothing in your homes that you do not know to be useful and believe to be beautiful,” said English textile designer William Morris in the 1800s. His advice is timeless. We all crave simplicity, especially after a long winter of layers. Shed the clutter and extraneous furniture, edit the bookcases and tabletops, and decide what you truly need.

4. Let There Be Light

As the days stretch out, capture spring’s gift of sunlight in your home. (We covered tips and tricks in a previous post.) When the crocuses begin to pop up, it is also the natural time to reevaluate your home’s impact on the environment. Window efficiency in the two extremes of winter and summer is exceedingly important.

5. Just Add Color

New accent pieces are always a welcome change. Add bright colors to your shelves and kitchen countertops. Don’t forget one of the most necessary colors—green. Begin to bring plants and flowers into your home; try budding branches like cherry, crabapple, and forsythia, which instantly signal spring as they burst into color.