Summer Reading for Designers

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June 4, 2018
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Summer Reading for Designers

The season’s delightful explosion of flora can get you thinking green when it comes to interior and exterior design. Whether you’re on your way to the beach, or curling up on a rainy day, let your imagination wander by perusing one of these beautifully illustrated, newly released books.

Urban Rooftops: Islands in the Sky

Image via Taschen

Through dazzling photos and modern illustrations, this chic compendium presents more than 50 lofty urban oases. Celebrating how a city roof can be its own inspiring living space, this book showcases ways in which architects and urban designers from around the world have created inspiring metropolitan refuges high above us all.


Green Escapes: The Guide to Secret Urban Gardens

Book image via Phaidon

When you are ready to come back down to earth, this guide can refer you to some of the world’s most charming urban natural spaces, from pocket parks to community gardens to foliage-filled courtyards.

Setting the Scene: A Masterclass in Garden Design

Cover image via Rizzoli

After you have discovered the hidden garden gems, you can transfer those ideas to your own backyard or patio with this impressive book. Award-winning author George Carter uses photographs and plans from his own portfolio to explore how successful gardens are designed and created. 

Aesthetica Botanica

Cover image via Gingko Press

Once you have your garden growing, you can bring those natural elements back into your home. This photo-rich publication illustrates the artful ways indoor plants can add bliss and beauty to interior design.

Building, Nature, Art

Cover via Thames and Hudson

This striking new architectural survey serves as an overview of how a structure can engage with the outdoor world. Renowned American architect Jim Olson masterfully harmonizes his buildings with their surrounding natural landscapes.  


Image via Patrick Ahearn

Another esteemed architect, New England’s own Patrick Ahearn, offers a glimpse into his life, career and the stunning homes he has restored and designed. Timeless highlights Ahearn’s philosophy of creating spaces that feel traditional and rooted into their surroundings while also fulfilling homeowners’ modern needs.