The 7 Tide Connection: One Dalton

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August 19, 2016
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September 6, 2016
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The 7 Tide Connection: One Dalton

The impact of the brands found inside 7 Tide ripples out into the Boston community in many ways. This periodic feature, “The 7 Tide Connection,” highlights distinctive projects in our innovative and dynamic city that leverage the art and performance of 7 Tide’s brand partners.

On Friday, August 19th, in the Back Bay on Dalton Street between Belvidere and St. Germain Streets, not far from Mary Baker Eddy’s Library and Christian Science Plaza, one of 7 Tide’s partners did something unique for a world-class brand. The president and business development director of Clarke, New England’s Official Sub-Zero & Wolf Showroom and Test Kitchen (now found at 7 Tide) took their cooking skills and superior appliances on the road to prepare and serve lunch for more than 75 contractors working on one of the city’s most anticipated buildings – One Dalton.


You might ask, “What drove these Clarke executives to do this?” Literally what drove them there was Clarke’s Mobile Showroom and Test Kitchen, a 1980s passenger bus turned extraordinary appliance showroom on wheels. The inspiration for the unusual urban barbecue came during a meeting where Clarke executives were discussing the Sub-Zero, Wolf and ASKO appliances they were providing to the project. President Sean Clarke offered, “We have a Mobile Sub-Zero and Wolf Test Kitchen and would love to cook lunch for your contractors once the project is underway.” Suffolk Construction, the experts using their “build smart” approach to erect One Dalton, the 61-story Four Seasons Private Residences going up at One Dalton Street, gave the idea a thumbs up.


So, as the large foundation hole maps the footprint of this amazing residential project while cranes lurk overhead, Clarke made good on the promise during a hot August day in downtown Boston. Clarke and his Business Development Director Joe Tanguay donned their black Clarke aprons, pulled the custom-fitted Wolf Gas Grill out from under what was previously the baggage hold in the passenger bus decades ago, and got to work.

Out came an outdoor rug and living room furniture from inside the Mobile Showroom, to create a sitting area right on Dalton Street. Then eight-foot tables were set up to create the buffet line right below the windshield.


Inside the Mobile Test Kitchen, Diana Friedman, a young chef studying at Johnson & Wales, organized side dishes, salads and drinks and offered her advice on ideal meat temperature and sanitary best practices for this outdoor luncheon.


Two hours later, they had grilled enough chicken kabobs, burgers and hot dogs to feed an army, and a good-sized regiment of Suffolk Construction employees and sub-contractors lined up on Dalton Street to enjoy their free lunch.

One Dalton, the residential project that broke ground in 2015, is expected to change the Boston skyline as the tallest residence in the city by 2019. Inside each of the residences, which are being sold “by invitation only,” owners will enjoy cooking on Wolf Gas Cooktops and Contemporary M Series Ovens. They will employ superior food preservation from Sub-Zero’s Integrated Refrigeration and Under Counter Wine Storage in every unit. In addition, they will use the world’s most water- and energy-efficient dishwashers by ASKO, a brand that performs 12,500 hours of long life tests to assure their quality and performance. When you are living in the premier residence in Boston, you deserve the best.

Contractors grabbed their lunch and sat on the street to eat. Some curiously poked their heads inside the Mobile Showroom to see the appliances they’d heard were going into the project they are getting off the ground.


This Sub-Zero & Wolf Mobile Showroom and Test Kitchen is the first of its kind in the country, and is often found at various food festivals and charity events throughout New England. This, however, was its debut as the high-end lunch wagon for hard-working contractors building the foundation and walls that will house Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances for discerning homeowners in Boston.

For more information on Clarke at 7 Tide, and how you can experience these top-tier brands to evaluate how they can enhance your life, click here.