The Experience Rooms at Kohler Signature Store by Supply New England

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August 21, 2018
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The Experience Rooms at Kohler Signature Store by Supply New England

Soft green lights glow as you sink into nearly 20 inches of water, which has been heated to precisely 105 degrees. With a swipe on a touchpad, the tub itself begins to warm your shoulders and back, and effervescent bubbles create a frothy wave around your knees. One more press of the controls and Zen-like music surrounds you. Slipping your ears just beneath the surface, you hear the soothing sounds resonating through the water and float off into a state of tranquility.

This complete relaxation is actually happening inside the busy and vibrant Kohler Signature Store by Supply New England at 7 Tide. Tucked away in a private section of the store are two Experience Rooms that feature fully functioning Kohler products. In the spa-like setting, customers receive robes, towels and bottled water and are invited to test out the myriad of bathroom features before deciding what might work best in their home. The Seaport store, which opened in April of this year, offers customers a chance to peruse a wide range of styles and displays, and also purchase products from Kohler, Kallista, Robern, Kohler Surfaces tile and stone and Kohler Custom Vanities. The Experience Rooms are an opportunity for consumers and trade professionals to really immerse themselves in the products before investing.

“The Experience Rooms give clients an overview of Kohler therapy options and how they fit into their space,” says Showroom Manager Eric Madsen. In addition to the room featuring the Kohler Underscore tub with VibrAcoustic, Chromatherapy, BubbleMassage Air Bath and Bask heating, there is a second room with a Spa Experience shower outfitted with multiple heads, handheld showers and body sprays.

Stepping into the Digital Thermostatic Valve-controlled walk-in shower gives you the opportunity to choose between pre-programmed settings with alluring names like Breathe, Release, Exhilarate, and Renew. You can also create your own programs that fit into your weekly routine. With the touch of a button, you can arrange quick, enlivening morning showers that wake you up and keep you on schedule, or post-workout steams that help you relax and restore. Kohler, a pioneer in digital showering, also has a new unique feature called Real Rain. From an inconspicuous white square above, 700 gravity-fed nozzles release gentle drops that mimic the soothing rhythm of actual precipitation.

The panoply of heads, hand showers, steam, sprays, temperatures and pressures are all available to create exactly the kind of showering experience you want and need. Madsen encourages people to come try these superlative facilities for themselves. “A bathroom can be a major investment,” he says, “so we put a number of options out there, so customers can try them and decide what’s best for their homes.”