What are the Top Home Design Trends for 2020? We Answer the Question

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What are the Top Home Design Trends for 2020? We Answer the Question

boston design showroom

Ask almighty Google what the top home design trends for 2020 are, and you’ll be served a mountain of information. Everyone apparently feels the need to weigh in on the topic. And no, it isn’t lost on us that we are, in fact, weighing in ourselves. But rather than opining in a pedantic, self-appointed, tastemaker tone on what we feel is the next big thing, we did the Googling for you and winnowed down what we found.

To gather our completely unscientific findings, we turned to everyone’s go-to resources for all things home design, ElleDecor.com and ArchitecturalDigest.com. WSJ.com also had a surprisingly well-thought-out piece on the subject. We looked for trends that were mentioned by at least two of these sources.

The overall consensus is that the current upheaval that is permeating the country is making people crave warmth and comfort at home.

Here’s what those in the know are saying:

New England home design trends

ElleDecor.com’s take on grandmillenial style; photo via website.

IN – Grandmillennial Style | OUT – Too New and/or Too Old

What, you may ask, is grandmillenial style? When we saw the term on ElleDecor.com, we suspected the editors at ED were coining phrases. Not the case, but, based on other online mentions, the term is fairly new. Basically, grandmillenial style is about blending old with new, classic with edgy. You get the idea. It’s a more thoughtful approach to transitional style. So when a client balks at your suggestion of covering their uber modern sofa in chintz, or bringing a curated selection of granny’s pieces down from the attic, you can knowingly say, “Trust me; grandmillenial style is having a moment.” We’re not so sure about that chintz thing. Blame ED.

boston design showrooms

For clients who want a bold look, blue can be the perfect choice. Photos via ElleDecor.com (left) and Homedit.com.

IN – Bold Monochromatic | OUT – Gray-on-Gray

If you’ve been thinking “I’m SO over gray,” you’re not alone. Both ED and WSJ say gray is out, or on its way out. For your clients who crave color, suggest something braver than gray or greige. With both Pantone and Sherwin Williams anointing saturated shades of blue as their color of the year, bold blues are big right now.

design trends 2020

Earth tones reinterpreted for the new decade. Photos via ED (left) and Pinterest.

IN – Earth Tones | OUT – Cool Tones

Color was a big part of the conversation on all three of the sites we checked. Both ED and WSJ made the case for earth tones, and AD called out “amped-up neutrals.” If the term “earth tones” has you thinking of ’70s-era avocado and rust, it’s time to rethink the concept. Today’s take is about approachable shades of green and khaki with pops of chocolate brown or perhaps a subtle salmon hue. When done with an artful hand, the colors come together for a sense of luxurious livability. Woven pieces and rattan also made the trend list on a couple of sites.

boston interior designers

A “well rounded” living room. Photo via ED.

IN – Soft Edges | OUT – Sharp Perimeters

Out goes the hyper-tailored sofa that looks like it belongs in Don Draper’s living room; in comes one with overstuffed, rounded armrests. Kiss off that over-sized cocktail table with corners that are so crisp your shins cringe just thinking about it; embrace an oval with a leggy pedestal base and feather-light visual footprint. While we’ve long known that any room needs something circular to balance out the inevitable squares and rectangles, the new decade takes things a step further with pieces with barely there angles.

Finally, ED was adamant about “karate-chopped” throw pillows being out. We implore you; if there is one take-away from this story, please let it be no more karate chops!