Witness the Ultimate Expression of Today’s Design Trends 
at Marvin Windows and Doors’ Booth #1277 at ABX

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November 1, 2017
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November 13, 2017
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Witness the Ultimate Expression of Today’s Design Trends 
at Marvin Windows and Doors’ Booth #1277 at ABX

Photograph by Brian Vanden Brink | Marvin Architects Challenge

What connects the design concepts found in tiny houses, modern farmhouses and the Danish concept of hygge? Visitors to ABX 2017 at the Boston Convention and Events Center will find the answer on November 8-10th at Booth #1277.

“We always strive to illustrate how Marvin Windows and Doors create a mood, a look and a lifestyle for today’s homeowners,” explains Keenan Burns, COO of A.W. Hastings Company, the innovative Marvin distributor for New England and Eastern New York. “We see a huge surge in the architectural community embracing personalized windows and doors as key design elements capable of transforming both the interior and exterior of any space. Our ABX booth this year is designed to offer a new experience of today’s top design concepts.”

To exemplify the impact that Marvin’s almost infinite design features can have on a project, A.W Hastings will showcase three exciting design trends: Modern Farmhouse, Hygge and Tiny Houses. These will be anchor exhibits in the booth, with a featured appearance by Maine Architect William Hanley of WMH Architects, whose Shorefront Camp project in Trenton, Maine, won Best in Show in Marvin’s national Architect’s Challenge design competition in 2017.


A New Modern Farmhouse Trick

Riffing off the feeling of comfort and warmth synonymous with historic farm homes, today’s Modern Farmhouse aesthetic is traditional without being fussy and often characterized by natural textures and materials like wood or galvanized steel. 

“Our booth will offer architects a new way to express Modern Farmhouse style in their home designs,” explained A.W. Hastings Marketing Strategy Manager Miana Hoyt Dawson. “Many may think of wood ceiling beams or rustic furniture pieces as key in projecting the Modern Farmhouse look, however, Marvin’s new Designer Black interior window finish offers a striking way to modernize traditional wood windows to express this relaxed, yet trendy look. A splash of black can bring the surprise to a traditional design element that is indicative of Modern Farmhouse. One focal point in our booth will exemplify how Marvin windows are a key element in this movement.” 

Marvin’s new Designer Black interior window finish


Learn to Hygge

Recognized as one of the top 10 words in Britain last year, “hygge” has captured the imagination of architects, designers and homeowners across the U.S. this year. This Danish word, pronounced as “hue-gah,” came into the Danish lexicon to express the feeling of moments that transport us out of the boring, monotonous flow of everyday life. Hygge reflects a celebration of simple things like the quality of sunlight coming into a room, the warmth of a soft blanket or the comfort of a cup of tea on a cold evening. 

“ABX visitors to the Marvin booth will learn how something as simple as changing the selection of wood species in windows and doors can inspire the feeling of hygge in a home,” said Naomi Mancha, an A.W Hastings creative strategist who worked on the booth concept. “We’re excited to share the secrets of Marvin’s expression of hygge with architects. Even if they’re familiar with the Danish concept, we think the dialogue at ABX can offer architects new design tools to accomplish this trend in a palpable way.”


On the Edge of Green

Literally at the intersection of the ABX and GREENBUILD shows inside the BCEC, the Marvin booth features a tiny house with large glass built by A.W. Hastings to illustrate how Marvin’s tri-pane windows offer an expansive connection between interior and exterior without sacrificing insulating warmth. The three panes of glass, with two air spaces, offer a superior insulated window, allowing even the most energy-efficient homes to enjoy the illumination of large windows. This combination of architectural innovation and green technology completes the triad of Marvin vignettes that are sure to inspire architects and designers throughout the region.


Learn How One Architect Became a National Award-Winner

Photograph by Brian Vanden Brink | Marvin Architects Challenge

As if bringing three key design trends to life wasn’t enough reason to stop by Booth #1277, ABX visitors will have an opportunity to see the Maine Shorefront Camp designed by Maine Architect William Hanley of WMH Architects, who won Best in Show in Marvin’s national Architect’s Challenge design competition in 2017.

On Wednesday, November 8th at 2PM, Hanley will be on hand to discuss this extraordinary Trenton, Maine project, where he completely expanded and revitalized a 1962 shorefront camp built by the owner’s parents.

Hanley’s selection of windows and doors is an architectural tutorial in how to achieve wide expanses of glass while staying mindful of the harsh Maine weather. For those unable to visit the booth while Bill Hanley is there, a series of displays of the award-winning project, along with the knowledgeable Marvin staff, will still make the stop worthwhile. 


While You’re in the Neighborhood

While you’re at ABX, you may want to stop by Marvin at 7 Tide, just minutes away. Here you’ll experience windows and doors in a whole new way. Located at 7 Tide Street, one block from the Boston Design Center, you’ll be amazed by this high-tech, high-touch experience of all that windows and doors mean to residential design.