Your 7 Tide User Guide – Let the Magic Begin

A.W. Hastings Executive Vice President and COO Keenan Burns (left), 7 Tide Architect Stephen Baker of Baker Design Group and Clarke President Sean Clarke at the 7 Tide launch announcement in 2014.
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July 27, 2016
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Your 7 Tide User Guide – Let the Magic Begin

Marvin Windows and Doors showroom touring

When you set out to create something that few – if any – have experienced before, the challenge is communicating what that “something” means. When you visit our website, you may start to understand the design adventure you’ll have inside our newly renovated structure at 7 Tide Street in Boston Seaport.

You probably know 7 Tide has to do with home design. You may recognize top-tier brands like Marvin Windows and Doors or Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances. You may have looked to see exactly where this destination is located – hint: right next door to Drydock #3 (you’ll often see a large maritime ship towering over the backyard of 7 Tide) and less than a five-minute walk from the Boston Design Center in Boston Seaport.

Even with all of this information on the website, we know 7 Tide may still be a bit of a mystery. We have fielded many questions about what 7 Tide is and what happens when you visit, so here we offer a brief “User’s Guide” to make access to 7 Tide easy for architects, designers and homeowners.

Who can visit 7 Tide?
7 Tide is open to the design trade and homeowners. Everyone who is interested in our top-tier brands, which now include Marvin Windows and Doors, Sub-Zero refrigeration and Wolf cooking appliances (with more to come) are welcome to visit 7 Tide for a one-of-a-kind experience. You do not have to be working with an architect or designer to visit, though many design professionals do bring their clients to explore or send them in for their own 7 Tide adventure.

At what point in my project should I visit 7 Tide?
The short answer is: the earlier, the better. Many visit 7 Tide when they are in the “dreaming stage,” looking for inspiration for what their custom home or remodeled space could become. 7 Tide is about unlimited possibilities, so this is the perfect time to make your first visit.

Even architects and designers come to 7 Tide when they have a blank slate, because they realize that what you see here can inspire new thinking about a project. Windows, doors, custom refrigeration options, new cooking technologies – these are all elements that seriously (and wonderfully) impact how a space is designed. It makes sense to see the possibilities BEFORE a plan is conceived. However, if you discover 7 Tide after your floor plans are created, there’s still time to visit. Our 7 Tide consultants can help you bring your plan to life with specific product options. It’s been said that spending 1-2 hours at 7 Tide is more valuable than months of your own research.

Do I need an appointment to visit 7 Tide?
While browsers are always welcome, an appointment ensures that you will have the true 7 Tide experience, with a brand expert dedicated to your time and project. An appointment offers you the opportunity to delve deeper into the adventure and have all of your questions answered. Both homeowners and trade professionals optimize their time and 7 Tide experience when they make an appointment.

How do I make an appointment?
Since expertise means everything at 7 Tide, you must make an appointment for each brand experience. To access the Marvin brand experience, you can make an appointment by phone or email, here. To visit the Official Sub-Zero & Wolf Showroom and Test Kitchen at 7 Tide, you can make an appointment online or by phone, here. We are all about convenience and encourage you to visit more than one brand on the day you are visiting.

How much time do I need to allot for my appointments?
You should plan on spending at least one hour in each brand experience center. Before and after your consultation, you may want to continue browsing, which is wonderful!

What will happen at my appointment?
If you are planning a Marvin experience, you will be introduced to the concept of windows and doors as art. After we learn about your project, your lifestyle and preferences, you’ll have the opportunity to actually experience different styles, shapes and configurations of as they will appear in your own space. Along the way, you will also learn about this American company and all of the ways it has innovated through the years.

If you are planning a Sub-Zero and Wolf experience, you will see more Sub-Zero and Wolf options than anywhere else in New England, all in extraordinary kitchen settings. After we learn about your project, your family and your kitchen dreams, we’ll guide you to the product features that you rarely see on your own. You can take a Wolf Test Drive and experience how induction cooking compares with gas, or how a convection steam oven can change your kitchen design plan in an exciting way. With our Small Bites, you’ll also taste the results you can expect from these appliances. We’ll answer all of your questions about not only the appliances, but also the materials you see in our kitchens and how you can access them after your time at 7 Tide.

Do I buy my products at 7 Tide?
No. Marvin, Sub-Zero and Wolf are all sold through authorized dealer networks throughout the region. That is part of the delight of your 7 Tide experience. You will never be sold anything here. The 7 Tide teams are brand ambassadors, who will help you learn all you need to know and then offer you details for the options that delight you, and the name of an authorized dealer in your area. At the dealer you can make your purchase and delivery arrangements. That way, your 7 Tide experience is stress free and all about your vision of your new space.

Where do I park?
It’s a simple, yet important, question. We are very lucky to have on-site parking. So, as a 7 Tide visitor, you may park for free right outside our door. This is one more way to make your 7 Tide experience stress free.

We hope this has helped to answer several of your questions about 7 Tide. Once you visit, we know you will be delighted that this one-of-a-kind experience in home design exists. You can begin your exploration at and feel free to ask questions even before you arrive. We look forward to meeting you and learning about your project.