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Your Daily Dose of Online Design Inspo

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One would think that with millions of images available on Pinterest and Instagram, our need for online design inspo would be fully sated. But given the profusion of design blogs that have risen to must-read status for those who are somewhat obsessed with all things design – ourselves included – there is simply no such thing as “too much of a good thing.”

Here are four we’re loving:

Elements of Style

From Erin Gates, a local interior designer with a global reach, this version of Elements of Style is far more fun than that dusty old Strunk and White tome we were compelled to adhere to in English 101. Part lifestyle blog, part interior design blog, and part curated shopping opportunity, it’s the lush photography of beautiful rooms that keep us checking back for more of Ms. Gates’ renowned eye for style. Should you have no interest in the “Fashion Friday” posts or her latest musings on motherhood, simply click the interiors option at the top of the page and you’ll be in design heaven.

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With multiple posts per day featuring projects from seemingly every corner of the world, not to mention companion sites devoted to outdoor living (Gardenista) and home organizing (Organized Home), Remodelista has established itself as a powerhouse in blog-land. Some featured projects may be a tad too taste specific, or just plain odd (a DIY clamp light; really?), but with so much content and its invaluable “Remodeling 101” guides, Remodelista makes our highly subjective list.

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Pencil Shavings Studio

If every room in your home is awash in soothing neutrals, and that’s just the way you like it, no need to keeping reading our musings about Pencil Shavings Studio. If you’re amenable to introducing a touch of color into otherwise greige surroundings, but just aren’t quite sure how to nail the look, by all means, click over. Rachel Shingleton, the interior designer behind this blog, truly has a way with color. While our efforts at pairing Hermès orange with the brightest blue imaginable would likely end up looking like country club fashion run amok, when Rachel does it, it works…beautifully.

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Liz Marie Blog

This new mom’s blog can skew a bit too, well, mommy at times, but who are we to judge? It’s quite possible our friends considered us “too mommy” when we welcomed our first child. But with a singular eye for blending finds culled from various decades into cohesive spaces that feel layered, yet not overdone, we’re willing to ogle the occasional baby picture to enjoy rooms that are filled with texture and feel oh-so livable. See something you love? Her companion site, The Found Cottage, just might offer it for sale.

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