7 Tide delivers a one-of-a-kind experience.

We feature home design's most trusted top-tier brands: Sub-Zero. Wolf. Marvin. We have created a workspace for discerning homeowners and design professionals - a place to be inspired and bring ideas to life. 7 Tide is also home to Reflex Lighting, where architects and designers can select lighting products and create lighting systems that are as energy efficient and cost effective as they are pleasing to the eye.

Think of 7 Tide as a design adventure.

After a warm and genuine welcome, our guests are swept up in a current of creativity at every turn. Stunning installations of our newest, freshest products stimulate the senses and get ideas flowing. Where the tangible ends, technology invites you to suspend boundaries and become limitless.

7 Tide is experiential, experimental and oh so personal.

Where haute couture defines high-end fashion, our guests co-create high-end design for new and reimagined living spaces. Here, knowledgeable, experienced brand consultants take their direction from our guests' goals and agendas. Unlike the fast pace found in retail environments, 7 Tide is a sanctuary where it's possible to breathe, explore and make decisions with confidence. At 7 Tide, you are a guest, not a customer.

Reset your expectation for what is possible.