You don't have to commit. We just want you to fall in love.

Building a custom home or embarking on a major remodeling project takes inspiration, imagination and, most of all, time. 7 Tide is an oasis, a sanctuary where you can slow down and focus your attention. You may come with your architect or designer. You may come alone or with a spouse, partner or trusted friend. In every case, you will discover, explore and consider vital pieces that come together to create the space you envision. You can browse in a way that is leisurely and productive. You'll speak with consummate professionals who can help you sort out your thoughts and help you discover what's right for you.

Make 7 Tide your first design foray.

When is the time to consider windows and doors for your project? Before your architect draws a single line. These are design elements that can shape the way the home or remodeled space is conceived. How do you want to view the world from your new space? How do you want to link the interiors to the outside vistas? At 7 Tide, you may encounter a custom shape, color or glass pattern that changes the whole way you think about the project. And throw out any preconceived notions about designing your kitchen. Exploring appliances is your first consideration. Really. With the ability to customize so many elements today, you can't possibly design your kitchen without dreaming in three dimensions and exploring with all five senses. At 7 Tide, you'll not only test drive extraordinary kitchen technology, you'll actually taste what you can expect from your new kitchen.


We won't give you advice. We'll give you the gift of time.